Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A mini photo album

Recently life has been such that I've not had the opportunity to do much crafting. So I am posting a mini photo album I made awhile ago. I love how this one turned out. It's an envelope mini- using 3 #10 envelops for the base of the pages and then they are embellished. It's one of my favorite way to make a mini.

I made the flowers with the same paper as I used on each page, so they match perfectly. I added metal chain and vintage rhinestones around the bouquet. I added a whole lot of glossy accents to the flowers and a touch of glitter. Click HERE to see a YouTube video of this mini and the inside pages.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Big mouth - collage

Big Mouth
4"x 4" collage

This one just makes me smile. I first saw the fish in an old book of fish prints and the idea jumped into my head. The background is from an old cookbook of my mom's...if you look closely, there is a recipe for Shrimp Wiggle. YUK! I could not eat something with that name.   But it all made me smile and so I went with it. I find some of my better works of art are the ones I don't over think. Just go with what jumps in my head.  I added some colors to the fish and the background with acrylic paint. 
This piece is SOLD

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mixed media experiments with Damask pattern

dragonfly and damask
ink on paper

Having time is a gift that I know I am blessed to have. I have been experimenting with patterns and different mediums and loving it! I have no real goal or look in mind. I am just saying 'what if' and then try it. The above picture was created with different kinds of inks.  First I drew the lines with an Elegant Calligraphy Writer pen. Then I wet that with water to make it bleed. Nest I used Derwent's Inktense blocks to color in the flowers and dragonfly. Then I used a dye ink and a stencil and sponge too create the background. Finally, I made the spatter using more intense. I so enjoyed the fun of seeing 'what if '.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Postcards from is a wonderful website to get business cards and such. I recently had postcards made of some of my artwork. Here are a few. The quality is great- heavy paper stock and shiny finish. Very nice. Now...who to send to??

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Butterfly collage

Butterfly collage
3" x 3"
acrylic medium, paint and papers

This small collage was so much fun to create! I used Jonathan Talbot's method of using fluid medium and heat to adhere the collage pieces to the substrate. Once dry, I then used acrylic paint to shade and color.   It is then backed onto deckle edged watercolor paper and then framed in an 8"x 8" frame, making it quite a dramatic statement for a small piece of mixed media art. 

It hangs in my bedroom as a reminder of my life journey. Butterflies represent rebirth and transformation. I believe that we are always on a journey in this life and are always in a state of rebirth and/or transformation. We 'die' to become something else. We transform from our life experiences and so we 'become' again and again. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

August and crafting don't go together in my world

mixed media collage
4" x 6" on cardstock

This is the summer of lazy days, book reading, and painting. I just do not do a lot of crafting this time of year. I am not sure why. How about you?  I've been doing a fair amount of painting and drawing this summer between trips to here and there. I did go to a stamp convention in June and purchased several new stamp sets and dies. Can't wait to try them out...but that wont be until the fall. 

I posted an older craft project that is really speaking to me today. I feel in my bones that I will be OK. Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my dear husbands death. He is on my mind almost constantly. But it's a good feeling, warm and loving. Not the utter shattering that was when he died so suddenly and unexpectedly a year ago. I now know I will be OK. And so will you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New oil painting

Two limes
oil on panel 6" x 6"

I've been away at the beach for two weeks, so not much painting. 

I am home now and went to my weekly class and painted this small oil painting. I so enjoyed painting the cloth as it draped over the edge of the table. I am learning a lot about oil painting at the atelier of Susan Hope Fogel. She is a great teacher! Lately she is also teaching an experimental watercolor class that looks so interesting, that I plan to take it when next offered.